Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Robbers' Tunnel (The Princess Castle Series)

Title: The Robbers' Tunnel

Series: The Princess Castle Series (Book #1)

Year: 2015

Author: Abigail L. Pollack

Summary: A new castle in the forest bring much excitement to Abigail and her friends, but when robbers invade, things get dangerous. A robbed bank, a robbed library, and a hidden valley bring things they never wanted anything to do with. (from Goodreads)

Main Characters:
~ Abigail
~ Charity
~ Matthew
~ Dan
~ Elijah
~ Sammy

Review: This young author is a particular friend of mine, and when she first told me she was writing a book, I was so excited. We'd shared book ideas and talked about our stories, and I was eager to get my hands on anything that she wrote. She contacted me a few times for help with formatting and publishing, and it was such a pleasure to be a part of helping her get this story out. This book is the first in her Princess Castle series, a series that is quickly opening up to be the adventure of a lifetime. In truth, it's not very long, but it is so much fun! 

Abigail is a young girl who has a castle in her backyard. And as any true and kind princess, she wants to share the castle with her friends. So, she has a whole bunch of girls come to live with her at the castle. At first, everything seems just peachy. But that's before things start going missing. A royal stay at the castle quickly turns into a dangerous quest for all involved -- including the boys and men who arrive to become the castle's army. 

I really like Abigail's style of writing. It's a little rough at certain spots, as is usual for young authors, but I'm really eager to see her mature her writing in further books. But she writes in a fun and easy-to-read narrative, and her characters know just how to make you smile! Abigail wrote herself in as the heroine, and the friends and family she has in real life are portrayed as the same in her book. I love how she did that - especially since it's so much fun to see the names of people I know in an actual book. And for those of you who enjoy Easter eggs, some of my own family is mentioned in this book. *grins* I'll leave you to figure that out. 

For anyone who wants to live the adventure we all dreamed about as kids -- this is it. It's not a heavy story, not overly complicated, but it's truly a story unlike any other. I felt myself transported back to my childhood and all the make-believes. Abigail captured the world of any child's dream and put it all on a few pages. 

Advisory: Some violence, as our heroine and her friends have to fight the bad guys. Guns and swords are involved and some people get hurt, but I would still think this book appropriate for most young readers. 

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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