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Brothers and Betrayal (Tales of Taelis)

Title: Brothers and Betrayal

Series: Tales of Taelis 

Year: 2015

Author: Sarah Holman 

Summary: A boy, running for his life.
A princess, trying to save her people.
And an archer who seeks to defend the defenseless.

Bryon, after witnessing his brother’s murder, takes his sisters and flees into the woods to a mysterious figure known as The Archer who lives there. But though he finds temporary safety, bitterness threatens his heart.

Brianna only wants to help the people of Taelis, but her father, the king, seems bent on making life hard for all of them. She works tirelessly to save the kingdom from war, while secretly helping The Archer.
Join the adventure in… Brothers and Betrayal. (from Goodreads)

Main Characters:
~ Brianna
~ Bryon
~ John

Review: If possible, this book was even better than the first! I don't know how Sarah did it, but she did! If you liked the first book, or if you like medieval stories, or if you just love adventures in general, you have to read this book!

Sarah's writing, I thought, in this book was stronger. The more she writes, the more she's developing her skill, and it's really a blessing to see. Just well done. I'm really looking forward to more tales from Taelis.

Brianna is the young princess, trying to save her father from ruin. Sure, he's the king and all, but his temper and mindset are such that he insults every noble and foreign ambassador coming through his gates. Without Brianna's interference, the kingdom would have long ago fallen with no trade and internal conflict. But trouble lies with more than just in the palace. Outside the town, outcasts gather in the woods to try to scratch out a living for themselves. Led by a man known to many as The Archer, they are aided by an anonymous benefactor inside the city. 

And then we've also got a third main character, a younger boy by the name of Bryon (keeping well within the "b" theme for this book). I liked Bryon a lot more than I thought I would, honestly. After reading the synopsis for this novel, I expected him to be a moody sort of man/hero (usually my least favorite type of character), but instead, Sarah made him real for me. I loved how his character developed. Absolutely amazing. 

The title, too, is so aptly chosen. This book really is all about brothers and betrayal. The brother theme is well woven throughout the entire novel, but the betrayal was a bit more tricky. At first, I was a little disappointed that the only betrayal came in the beginning of the novel, but plot twist! More betrayal in the end! I won't say what it was, of course, but it was awesome. I wanted it, but I didn't exactly expect it. Well done, Sarah.

You know what else I loved about this book? IT WAS ROBIN HOOD! Yes, rob from the rich to give to the poor. And very well done. I usually don't condone Robin Hood for the fact that he steals, but there's none of that in this novel.

Advisory: Just some fighting/injuries/illnesses, but well done for the tone of the book. And then some hints at a romance, but very light and very well done.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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