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Title: CinderEddy

Series: None

Year: 2014

Author: Kendra E. Ardnek

Summary: Edward, called CinderEddy by his stepbrothers, has been treated as little more than a servant ever since his mother died after her remarriage. When the Princess Elicia is kidnapped, however, his stepbrothers join the other knights attempting to rescue her, and Edward uses their absence to make his own attempt at her rescue. He doesn't expect to succeed, but somehow, he keeps finding himself on the right path. (from Goodreads)

Main Characters:
~ Edward

Review: Fairytales of all kinds fascinate me, and for some odd reason, gender-swapped tales garner particular interest. In CinderEddy, authoress Kendra E. Ardnek presents us the tale of a young man who, like the famous Cinderella, is kind and clever, yet is thrust maliciously in the place of a servant. 

Edward's father, the late Sir Henry, was the king's favorite, and so it stands to reason that Edward himself would fall into his father's esteemed position, right? Wrong! After Sir Henry's death, Edward finds himself the recipient of a new stepfather, and all too soon -- two stepbrothers. And so begins the Cinderella tale of servanthood and mistreatment. But instead of a ball we get... a kidnapping! Princess Elicia is captured by a band of ruthless thugs and it's up to the noble men of the land to rescue her and, ultimately, win her hand in marriage. Edward's stepbrothers fly off at once to try to find her, and even Edward himself gets excited, not necessarily at the thought of rescuing a future bride, but of finally having an adventure out from under his stepbrothers' malicious thumbs.

Clean, fun, and Cinderella-esque, CinderEddy is a retelling that can trip your mind into thinking it's not a simple retelling at all. Kendra has taken the cherished tale of rags-to-riches and transformed it into a sweet tale of the importance of helping others and stopping to take advice. This short story will definitely be going on my favorite Cinderella retellings list, and I'd recommend it happily to readers of all ages. 

Advisory: Light fantasy action.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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