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Michael Vey: Rise of the Elgen

Title: Rise of the Elgen

Series: Michael Vey (Book #2)

Year: 2012

Author: Richard Paul Evans

Summary: Michael must save his mother—and protect his powers—in the electric sequel to the #1 New York Times bestselling Michael Vey, from Richard Paul Evans. 

Michael was born with special electrical powers—and he’s not the only one. His friend Taylor has them too, and so do other kids around the world. With Michael’s friend Ostin, a tecno-genius, they form the Electroclan, an alliance meant to protect them from a powerful group, the growing Order of Elgen, who are out to destroy them. The leader of the Elgen, Dr. Hatch, has kidnapped Michael’s mother, and time is running out.

After narrowly escaping an Elgen trap, Ostin’s discovery of bizarre “rat fires” in South America leads the gang to the jungles of Peru, where the Electroclan meets new, powerful foes and faces their greatest challenge yet as Michael learns the extent of the Elgen’s rise in power—and the truth of their plan to “restructure” the world. (from Goodreads)

Main Characters:
~ Michael Vey
~ Taylor Ridley
~ Ostin Liss
~ Jack
~ Zeus
~ Dr. J.C. Hatch

Review: In some ways, I liked Rise of the Elgen better than the first book, The Prisoner of Cell 25. The characters felt more developed, the plot was more advanced, and everything was all-around exciting. There is more action with the electric children, and I really enjoyed learning more about their respective powers and seeing how they used them. And I just found out that this series is going to be a total of six books long, and I'm excited to see how R.P. Evans is going to keep the action rolling. Where will the Electroclan end up?

This time Michael and his friends travel to Peru to rescue his mother out of Dr. Hatch's clutches. I liked seeing the Electroclan on new soil; many times fiction like this grows old as you have the same battles all at the same places. Michael and his friends faced new enemies, new problems, and that's one reason why I liked this book better than the first. The plot was fast, although at times I felt that I had to suspend my disbelief a little. For the most part, Michael's group is made up of teens, and yet they drive from California to Idaho, settle in a pool house, and travel out of the USA.

One thing I was really hoping for in this book was the character development, and R.P. Evans didn't disappoint. While some characters stayed about the same the entire way through (*cough* Taylor was annoying as usual *cough*), others learned and grew to a new level of standing in my appreciation. I particularly liked the relationship between Zeus and Jack, which I won't disclose for spoiler reasons. I even enjoyed reading about Ostin, even when most of what he said techno-electric-wise went straight over my head. But then again, who could understand that kid?

One thing that I was a little confused at was Nichelle's disappearance. She was a large-ish character in the first book, and then in the second book, she's not there. She's referred to only a few times in Rise of the Elgen, and even then, it's just a reference to her powers and not her as a person. I don't recall her story ending in the first book, so I just wondered what happened to her.

Advisory: Some romance between characters, but nothing big as the main focus of the novel is Michael's rescue mission. A lot of violence, as the kids deal with explosives, snakes, electric rats, Elgen guards, etc. 

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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