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Fly Away Home

Title: Fly Away Home

Series: None

Year: 2014

Author: Rachel Heffington

Summary: Self Preservation has never looked more tempting. 

1952 New York City: Callie Harper is a woman set to make it big in the world of journalism. Liberated from all but her buried and troubled past, Callie craves glamour and the satisfaction she knows it will bring. When one of America's most celebrated journalists, Wade Barnett, calls on Callie to help him with a revolutionary project, Callie finds herself co-pilot to a Christian man whose life and ideas of true greatness run noisily counter to hers on every point. 

The new friendship sparks, the project soars, and a faint suspicion that she is fall for this uncommon man grows in Callie's heart. When the secrets of Callie's past are exhumed and hung over her head as a threat, she is forced to scrutinize Wade Barnett and betray his dirtiest secrets or see her own spilled. 

Here there is space for only one love, one answer: betray Wade Barnett to save her reputation, or sacrifice everything for the sake of the man she loved and the God she fled. The consequences of either decision will define the rest of her life. (from Goodreads)

Main Characters:
~ Calida Harper
~ Wade Barnett
~ Nickleby
~ Jerry Atwood
~ Jules Cameron

Review: When I discovered I'd won a copy of this book in a giveaway on the author's blog, I was so excited. I'd been following Rachel Heffington (The Inkpen Authoress) for some time, and I loved every snippet and post she published about Fly Away Home. Yes, I wanted to read it, but honestly, I don't think I knew what to expect. Fly Away Home is technically a historical romance, a genre I tend to shy away from, yet the novel has the feel of so much more than just a cliche romance. For one thing, the "romance" aspect isn't even the main focus of the novel, nor is it some mushy, physical lust that dominates most of modern literature. To be truthful, Rachel Heffington has given us a jewel. Yes, you must read it.

Calida Harper is a fun heroine, a bit prone to having a fiery temper, but lovable. I love the writing style with which she narrates this story, and there are so many wonderful quotes you can pull from this book. One of my favorites: "Sure, at heart I wanted to be Dickens, but I hated being great on command." Wade Barnett is her new employer, and he's an old-fashioned gentleman with just a hint of mystery about him. Nickleby, Callie's black cat, I thought stole the show, and this is one book, probably the only book, in which I've enjoyed reading about cats. I know, horror. I can't believe I just said that. But Nickleby was marvelous, even for being feline.

The plot progressed nicely, not too fast, but at an excellent speed that keeps you interested in every chapter. Rachel weaves mystery, glamour, blackmail, and forgiveness together in a wonderful way. One thing that greatly impressed me was the fact that God remained a prevalent part of the story. Callie has pretty much given up on Him at the beginning of the novel, yet the situations going on around her force her to reevaluate her standards and beliefs. I really enjoyed reading what I'd deem the "spiritual conversations" and seeing how Callie learned who God is and how much He really does love her. 

Advisory: There is talk of celebrity scandal (i.e. a man trying to take away someone else's wife), but nothing ever comes of it, and it's handled very well. Some language, which is the reason I cannot give this book a full five stars like I'd love to, just so you're aware of that. The antagonist behaves badly toward Callie in a few scenes with a little violence, but nothing gets out of hand.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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