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Christmas at the Tittletons

Title: Christmas at the Tittletons

Series: None at the moment; rumors of a sequel in development *grins*

Year: 2013

Author: Joan Bassington-French

Summary: What started out as an enjoyable Christmastime house party at Sir John Tittleton's luxurious London home has turned into a veritable nightmare. A stranger has been found in the back alley, stabbed to death, and everyone in the house is a suspect. As Jessamine Warbling, a fashionable young lady, decides to give Scotland Yard a helping hand, she discovers that almost all of her friends had a motive to kill this man. But which one is the murderer, and is he, or she, desperate enough to strike again?

As Jessamine Warbling, Inspector Fionn, and the Tittletons dig into the case, they take a gruesome look at human nature and learn just how far a person will go to save his own skin. (from Goodreads)

Main Characters:
~ Jessamine Warbling
~ Judith Tittleton
~ Sir John Tittleton
~ Inspector Fionn

Review: Christmas at the Tittletons has everything you'd want in a holiday murder mystery: intrigue, suspense, dead bodies, humor, family, etc. And written in a very Dickens-ish style. I cannot recommend this book enough! Everyone and everyone needs to read this book, whether you're looking for something to share aloud with your family, or just a marvelous read to snuggle up with under the light of the Christmas tree.

Jessamine Warbling is your typical English young lady; she's elegant, sophisticated, but unfortunately suffers from an overly curious imagination. When she's invited to her best friend's house for Christmas, along with her friend's large family, their servants, and a friend or two, Jessamine thinks it's shaping up to be the perfect holiday. But that's before they awake Christmas morning to a dead body in their midst. And everyone in the house is a suspect. Joan Bassington-French writes in an older English style that is really fun to read, and the gripping suspense of the story will keep you reading until the end. 

This novel was based on a murder mystery play that I had the great privilege of participating in, and even though I knew the outcome from the play, I found that when the author compiled into a novel form and handed it over for me to read, I was hooked. Judith Tittleton is definitely my favorite character (for no specific reason whatsoever), and the rest of the cast is perfectly balanced to the era of the story. If you're a fan of Dickens, mystery, or just excellent books in general, you have to read this book. Believe me. You won't regret it. I daresay you'll love it as much as I.

Advisory: As this is a murder mystery, Jessamine does into contact with dead bodies and a little violence, yet nothing is portrayed in a graphic tone. 

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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