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The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Title: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Year: 2010

Production Company: Walden Media and 20th Century Fox

Summary: Lucy and Edmund, with their horrible cousin, Eustace, journey back to Narnia to assist King Caspian on the quest of finding the seven missing lords that Lord Miraz banished during his reign as king.

Main Characters:
~ Edmund and Lucy Pevensie
~ Eustance Clarence Scrubb
~ King Caspian
~ Reepicheep

Characters: Eustace. Was. The. Best. Seriously, we really enjoyed his character immensely and thought they did an excellent job on his casting! Lucy was beautiful as always, but we were a little disappointed in Edmund's character change.

Plot: We were overall impressed on how they were able to incorporate a lot of plot sequences of the book into the film, but we were a little disappointed on how much they left out as well. The pattern of events differed, but were very good nonetheless. The whole "dark island theme" was a little strange and at the same time intriguing.

Music: Not nearly as good as the previous two films, but still had some memorable songs (The Duel, in particular).

Scenery:  Beautiful! The ocean, each island - so many different land elements and culture in the same movie!

Advisory: Several fighting sequences, but no blood is shown. Throughout the film, a "green mist" is shown weaving in and out every time a person is tempted, and at the end of the film there is a battle involving a giant sea serpent.

Rating: 4 Stars

Pictures from the movie:

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