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Millie's Unsettled Season

Title: Millie's Unsettled Season

Series: A Life of Faith: Millie Keith Series

Year: 2001

Author: Martha Finley

Summary: After her family suffers financial problems and her parents decide to move their family from their comfortable Ohio town to the frontier plains of Indiana, Millie Keith's life turns upside down. The long trip to their new home is anything but peaceful, and once they arrive, the family must adapt to the new living style of the west. Millie learns to trust the Lord through many trials, including accepting the move as His will for her life.

Main Characters:
~ Mildred (Millie) Keith
~ Aunt Wealthy Stanhope
~ Marcia Keith
~ Stuart Keith
~ Celestia Ann Huntsinger
~ Rupert Keith
~ Zillah Keith
~ Adah Keith
~ Cyril Keith
~ Donald Keith
~ Fanny Keith
~ Annis Keith

Review: This is one of my favorite books of all time! Martha Finley's original tale of Mildred Keith has been adapted for a new generation, and although I have never read the original books (which I would really like to!), the characters in this series are definitely colorful and unforgettable! Millie Keith is the sort of girl whom I would wish to know and have for a best friend. Granted, she's not perfect, but she loves the Lord with her whole heart and is willing to let Him change her for His glory. 

I love reading about all of Millie's adventures and all the mischievous antics of her younger siblings. There's everything in this book from baby porky pies, cow riding, and hats made from old skunk pelts. Moving from Lansdale, Ohio to Pleasant Plains, Indiana (which on first glance is anything but pleasant) takes Millie and her family in coaches over bumpy roads, canal boats going slowly under low bridges, and elegant ships sailing through storms. 

I said before that Millie's not perfect. She struggles with patience especially towards her younger brothers and when Cyril rips her favorite book, it's difficult for her to forgive him at first. But when she gives the book over to Jesus, He uses it in an amazing way that Millie never would have dreamed. Millie doesn't like living in Pleasant Plains; no one seems to want to be a true friend, and nothing seems to be going right for the family. Millie must learn to trust God in everything, especially in the things that make her despair, and even when there seems to be no solution. 

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone and everyone. Even though Millie is the main character, my brother loves this story and quotes Millie's brothers all the time. Very enjoyable for the whole family. 

Advisory: None

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

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  1. You really ought to read the originals. The writing may be a tad bit stiffer and hard to get into, but they're much better than the adaptations.

    1. I've read all the original Elsie books and quite enjoyed them! I'm still trying to get my hands on the original Mildred books, because I really do want to read them! I'm looking forward to reading them. The newer versions I enjoy, as they're lighter and funnier, but yes, originals are very swell. :)

    2. I own the first five books of the Mildred series, and the entire Elsie Series. I'd lend you my Mildreds if I could but ... anyways. I'm still trying to get my hands on the last two Mildred Books.

    3. I agree, the originals are much better. The newer ones are sweet, but they changed a couple things I didn't appreciate them changing. For one she didn't have blond hair, she had brown!!! I have read all 27 Elsie books ad absolutely LOVE them. I've also read all the original and new Mildred books. If you haven't read all of them (both original series) you really should!


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